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Full of zest, Oscar Tiye shoes are recognisable for their signature style and a little jewelled scarab that embellishes each sole.

“We like to think that through our Oscars,
we give women support, allure and a little bit of luck.”
A positive vision of fashion, streaming from the heart.

Our collections illustrate the various shades of femininity, inviting women to be confidently creative while inspiring elegance, grit and a subtle sensuality.

The brand name itself embraces the sophisticated grace of Queen Tiye, one of the first, most fascinating and influential women of the Ancient Arab World. According to legend, she received a jewel scarab as a blessing token on her wedding day, as it is a bearer of happy events and a good luck charm. Today the brand adorns all its soles with the serendipity of the scarab, to bless us all with its powers.

A young and talented design team imagines the collections in a Milanese creative cloud where genuine femininity, artistic inspiration, and a dynamic fashion eye coexist. “Our style is a recognition of women everywhere expressing themselves through authenticity, beauty and energy to reach new heights.”

Oscar Tiye shoes are entirely made in Italy’s luxury shoe district, where tradition in craftsmanship and dedication to excellence ensure exceptional quality of the products. The finest leathers, fabrics and intricate decorations are entrusted to the hands of the most remarkable artisans. The collections include heels for every occasion, whilst a padded insole cushion adds real comfort to these beautiful shoes.

Oscar Tiye
Taking women to new heights

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